Monday, April 27, 2009

50 bags/50 days/50% off!

Now that I have finally started a blog and a page on Facebook, I wanted to do a big promotion to thank all my fabulous customers, and introduce new 'fans' to my product. So, here's how it will go:
Starting Friday, May 1st, I will post a picture and a description of a new bag both here, and on Facebook. Fans of my page, and followers to my blog will get the first opportunity to see this wonderful new creation. Within one hour of posting in these two places, I will list said bag on my Etsy shop at a whopping 50% off! If you love the bag, you'll have to hurry to purchase, there will be other fans, friends, and customers who love it too, and this bag will only be listed at the 50% off price until the following day, when we will do it all over again with another great new bag! As the title states, this will go on for 50 days, so if you do miss one, there is sure to be another that you'll love! Thanks to all for all your love and support! By the time this promotion is over with, I will have made well over 400 bags! I couldn't have done it without you all!

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