Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 44

The Piece of Scrap bag was born to solve two problems:
First, my scrap pile was overwhelmingly HUGE. I have a little problem with throwing anything away, let alone a beautiful piece of fabric too small to do anything with.
The second problem was that every time I bought fabric, I wanted to make a bag for myself out of that fabric. Literally every single piece of fabric that I buy, I LOVE. I want that bag on my shoulder everytime I go out, not somebody else's. Everytime I would go shopping, I would come home and show my husband all my fabulous finds. I'd hold up the fabrics and say "I think I'm gonna make myself a purse out of this one, I LOOOOOVE it." His response, "Kezlee, you cannot have a purse out of every single fabric that you LOOOOOVE." Me being me, I HAD to prove him wrong. I made myself a bag out of every fabric that I love. (not every fabric, but a lot of fabrics- 120 different squares for the big bag, and 78 for the small)
So, the Piece of Scrap bag was born- and both problems are solved!
Approximate dimensions for this over-sized purse are 5"x11" and 12" deep.

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